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Day care or home boarding

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Not spending as much time as you’d like with your pet? Like so many of my customers are you trying to juggle work, family and your pets well being? Why not take advantage of my services.

You may work full time and want your dog to have more company during the day. I can provide day care within my home either with the company of my dogs in or in a separate indoor area. The cost of day care per day includes an hours exercise. Unless more or less is required and can be arranged by agreement.

I can also offer home boarding where dogs can stay with me at home either while you go away for the night / weekend or on holiday. They would of course be exercised every day according to their requirements up to twice a day.

I can provide crates if required for puppies or dogs that are used to sleeping in them. Alternatively they can make full use of the sofas or multiple dog beds. 

The dogs are invited to a free 2 hour stop over prior to their stay to have a look around and to meet my dogs if appropriate. This will make their stay more comfortable as it will be a second visit. 

Day care - £20.00 a day (including exercise)

Home boarding - £25 per night. (including exercise)


Tailored to your dog Welcomes You With Open Paws

A photo of the comfortable dog area that is available if those boarding wish to sleep or relax separately to my dogs in the main home. 

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