Dog Walking

Responsible & Reliable

With many years of experience with a variety of breeds, you can rest assured that your pet will receive the attention that they need. 

I have two vehicles which are suitable to collect dogs. The dogs can travel crated or with a harness and seat belt depending on which they prefer.

I am currently offering group walks and individual walks. 

I will always vary locations depending on the dogs requirements / age and owner requests.  The group walks will be with no more than four dogs as I want to ensure all get enough individual attention. It will be discussed with owners of each dog if they want their dog to be on or off the lead.

I regularly use a safe area near Heathfield for those dogs that enjoy being off the lead. All Things Dogs East Sussex have a secure field with a water play area which is perfect for those with limited recall. There would be an extra fee for entry.

Group walk

- £10 per hour 1 dog

- £15 per hour 2 dogs

- £20 per hour 3 dogs

Individual walk

£14 per hour 1 dog